The clinic says it works with individuals to leverage the full power of their brain – through functional medicine, psychological techniques and neurotechnologies, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and biofeedback.

The venture is run by SOFOS Associates, whose founder Natalie Ramsden (pictured below), a business psychologist, says: “Traditional development has focused on skill and knowledge acquisition or maybe some light strategies for improving health and wellbeing.

“We wanted to take that further, much further because we knew that no amount would be beneficial long term, if one’s brain wasn’t performing optimally. SOFOS is focused on instilling change at behavioural, cortical and subcortical levels and that is something that has never been done in this way before.

“We were inspired by developments happening across industries such as healthcare, technology and the corporate sector and were able to draw on these to create a truly pioneering approach to personal development. People have, for quite some time, played with the idea of boosting their brain power, or improving their brain, and we are now, with a highly specialised team, able to do this.” 

The clinic initially gets to know how the individual client operates, “guided by the three pillars of cognition; physiology, psychology and environment”.

A bespoke, annual programme based on data analysis is then delivered, using functional medicine, psychological elements and neurotechnology.

Initial functional and psychological (including cognitive) tests and lifestyle assessments are carried out to inform the activity over the course of the year.

The service is generally targeted at senior decision-makers, entrepreneurs, high net-worth individuals and professionals in any sector. 

Typically during a programme, clients are taken care of by a personal managing consultant who oversees their entire programme and collaborates with a wider team of experts. Their various disciplines include functional medicine (nutrition), neuro-psychology and behavioural and organisational psychology.

After starting her career in clinical services, Natalia Ramsden moved into people and talent consulting, specialising in leadership assessment, development and succession at board level. She has worked with FTSE 250 companies in the UK and global clients across EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

She is a pioneer in the area of neuroenhancement and its application for future development and regularly speaks at events on boosting brain power and why she believes this is where the future of self-development and cognitive maximisation lies.

She is a member of The British Psychological Society, The International Society for Neurofeedback Research, The British Neuroscience Association and The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies.