Neurological rehabilitation’s ability to improve an individual’s quality of life depends on a wide range of skills and expertise.

Following a catastrophic injury or the onset of neurological disease, professionals from numerous disciplines join forces with the individual and their loved ones on the recovery journey.

However, they must also work together in improving the bigger picture and collaborating with a wide range of organisations and individuals in order to do so.

Clinicians working in the field face many common challenges, including finding the best possible interventions for each patient amid a rapidly increasing list of options.
There is also constant pressure to reiterate the compelling case for rehabilitation and evidence the outcomes that can be achieved.

Emerging technologies and treatments must also continually be taken stock of. 
Every year we hold an Elysium Sharing Best Practice conference which promotes high standards and innovative pathways within our own organisation.

Bringing the diverse range of skilled staff and stakeholders together enables us to showcase innovations in practice and technology within our own healthcare settings, and share that wealth of knowledge across all of our services.

We also offer service users a platform to share their experiences from the receiving end of care. Our annual Service Users’ Conference brings patients and residents together with staff for a day of discussion, sharing successes and learning from others.

Service users are empowered to be part of the event creation team and assist through every part of its organisation.

This culminates in an amazing day where staff and service users gain useful, and sometimes inspiring, insights into the challenges faced in the recovery battle and how to overcome them.

In the background are the ever-developing guidelines, policies and legal precedents which impact on the funding and provision of neuro- rehab.

Collaboration between neuro-rehab professionals, educational, legal and charitable organisations is essential in keeping up with these many changeable factors, translating them into improved outcomes for patients and facilitating their journey.

We have certainly seen the benefit of embracing an open, collaborative approach at Elysium Neurological.

Our busy programme 
of stakeholder and continuing professional development (CPD) events, held in partnership with third sector, legal and educational organisations, have proven hugely successful in promoting best practice.

In the many other events we help to organise we always strive to offer expertise from other organisations in addition to our own.

Last year, for example, we hosted a Northern Acquired Brain Injury Forum (NABIF) event at which we were joined by the outdoor activities charity the Calvert Trust.

Upcoming events this year will see us sharing a stage with many 
other organisations, including law firms, 
NHS decision-makers, neuropsychologists
and universities.

Getting involved in wider initiatives, like Encephalitis Day and Huntington’s Disease Awareness Week, is also a fantastic opportunity to tackle important issues and share ideas.

All Elysium Neurological sites are involved 
in Brain Injury Awareness Week in May, including through ‘Let’s Talk About It’, a seminar for brain injury survivors, families, carers and professionals at our Middlesbrough Neurological centre on 17 May.

Such gatherings ensure we never stop 
learning and play an important role in helping neuro-rehab to progress and gain the greater recognition it deserves.


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