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Neurobehavioural rehab in aggression management after TBI

Changes in personality following TBIs are often more problematic than neurocognitive, functional deficits or even physical disabilities. Dr Grzegorz Grzegorzak, consultant neuropsychiatrist at St Peter’s Hospital, South Wales, explains why taking a neurobehavioural approach to treating TBI can be highly effective.

Action among the daffodils

William Wordsworth urged to the world to “come forth into light, let nature be your teacher”. He...

A year in the life of a new rehab hospital

A new male neuropsychiatric facility was launched in the UK last year, amid a national shortage of such services. Twelve months on, we visited Cygnet St William’s in Darlington to chart the ups and downs of getting the service going. As Andrew Mernin reports, it’s a tale of hard-won relationships, fire-fighting and people power.

Help us to be better and stronger

Charities are facing the double-edged sword of demand for their services being at an all-time high, while seeing a vast drop in donations as a result of COVID-19. NR Times spoke to the Children’s Trust to find out more.

How to be a better medical expert

Ten tips from Paul Sankey, partner at Enable Law and a trainer at Inspire MediLaw, which runs courses on medicolegal topics.

Summersaulting out of the comfort zone

Staff at St Neots, a neuro-rehab centre on the border of Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire, were looking for ways to expand their patient
rehab opportunities when they had a gold standard idea…