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06 April, 2020


Notes from Nanjing

NR Times’ writer Andrew Mernin attended the largest neuro-rehab event in the Asia Oceania region recently and made a few notes along the way

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Independence Day

Serious injury solicitor Sarah Griggs shares the journey a mum whose world was turned upside down following her son’s brain injury.

Two-piece transformations…

Swedish innovation the Mollii Suit is helping neuro- rehab patients with a range of conditions to regain lost functions and boost their quality of life, as Richard Welch explains here.

“I am able to enjoy every day”

After a car accident on holiday, Jason was told he’d never walk again, but he had other ideas – which have now become a reality – as Irwin Mitchell partner Demetrius Danas explains.

Biting back against a common threat

The swallowing disorder dsyphagia is widespread among people with brain injuries and conditions – and its impact can be profound. Here Helen Willis, dietitian at Wiltshire Farm Foods tells NR Times how to curb its negative influence on people in recovery.