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Leading the fight against a formidable foe

Dr Charles Bernick is leading the largest study to date into punch drunk syndrome among professional athletes. The findings could help to identify the “breaking point” for brain injuries, he tells Sarah Sinclair.

“It’s a really, really lonely place to be…”

Up to a third of women, and one in four men, will experience violence at the hands of a partner at some point in their lives. A black eye may be hard to hide, but a traumatic brain injury could remain undetected indefinitely, as Sarah Sinclair reports.

Behind the cloak of competence

Almost 100 brain injury case managers took part in a recent study investigating the influence of the Mental Capacity Act on their work with brain injury clients. Here Sophie Moore reports on the results.

Trouble on the home front

“I’m a half widow,” says Mary, whose 69-year-old husband suffered a hypoxic brain injury two years...

A new ice age in rehab?

Offshore oil and gas explorers have inspired a journey into unchartered waters for neuroscience....

TMS tipping point?

The US military is honing a crack team of super humans by turbo boosting their brains with...