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Biting back against a common threat

The swallowing disorder dsyphagia is widespread among people with brain injuries and conditions – and its impact can be profound. Here Helen Willis, dietitian at Wiltshire Farm Foods tells NR Times how to curb its negative influence on people in recovery.

Spinal research grants launched

New research grants have been launched with the aim of improving quality of life for people with spinal cord injury.

Leading the fight against a formidable foe

Dr Charles Bernick is leading the largest study to date into punch drunk syndrome among professional athletes. The findings could help to identify the “breaking point” for brain injuries, he tells Sarah Sinclair.

The next gen-air-ation of sensory spaces

PODS are pop-up, themed sensory spaces for children. Although designed for any child to enjoy, they are ideally suited to helping children with sensory needs, physical disabilities and learning difficulties…

Lift off for Takeji’s creations

Japanese inventor Takeji Ueda is hoping to revolutionise patient transfers with his range of products which combine the principles of physics and innovative textile design.

The gait way to more independence

The London Orthotic Consultancy is helping to bring the most advanced treatment to those with cerebral palsy or other conditions requiring rehabilitation, throughout the UK and beyond