Category: Technology

Standing up for independence

With greater independence for users and an array of proven health benefits, it is little wonder the standing wheelchair is gaining in popularity at rapid pace.

A whole new ball game for stroke rehab

A device that was recently named ‘garden shed’ invention of the year is offering a new alternative to stroke survivors, as NR Times reports.

A Russian revolution in neuro tech

Russian neurotechnology developers visited the UK recently to forge new ties with neuro-rehab professionals. Andrew Mernin reports on their innovations and intentions.

Braced for a better quality of life

It’s 100 years since Otto Bock created an orthopaedic tech firm in Berlin to help soldiers wounded in WWI. Just as it did then, his company continues to pioneer new ways of improving mobility.

Sky high ambition

A young entrepreneur from Bristol is aiming to revolutionise air travel for disabled people, including those affected by brain and spinal injuries and conditions.

On Another Level

NR Times reports on an innovative solution to an age-old domestic problem facing many people in wheelchairs.

A stroke of genius

An Austrian start-up is using mobile devices and the brain’s inability to separate the real from the imagined to help stroke patients. NR Times meets Rewellio CEO and founder Georg Teufl to find out more.