Category: Therapy

Marching to a new beat

Daniel Thomas, joint managing director at Chroma, on how music therapy can help military personnel and their families.

The gait way to more independence

The London Orthotic Consultancy is helping to bring the most advanced treatment to those with cerebral palsy or other conditions requiring rehabilitation, throughout the UK and beyond

A wonderful stroke of luck

Occupational therapist Janet R. Douglas’s life was turned upside down by a massive stroke. The decade-long struggle that followed is the subject of her new book…

Enter stage left: A rising force in therapy

Dramatherapy – using acting and other expressive arts to communicate feelings – is quickly gaining popularity, including with neuro-rehab patients, as Deborah Johnson reports.

Brain injury and the great outdoors

A growing body of evidence links exercise and outdoor activity with recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Here Fiona Nixon, of Calvert Reconnections, explains the benefits of physical activity in rehabilitation.

A new spin on rehab

William Pales was a true adventurer who, as an accomplished sailor, crossed the Atlantic Ocean...