The 20-bed, purpose-built hospital in Swindon will provide neurobehavioural services led by Professor Nick Alderman, clinical director of Elysium’s Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation Services.

Chief executive Joy Chamberlain said: “We are delighted to be further extending our services and we look forward to opening the hospital in the New Year.”

Professor Nick Alderman added: “The Chalkdown House site was purpose built for the neurobehavioural client group and the facilities are outstanding. The site will provide a much needed service.

“In the UK, 1.3 million people live with enduring difficulties as a result of acquired brain injury at a cost of £15bn per annum to the economy, equivalent to 10 per cent of the annual NHS budget.

“Clinical services to help these people lag behind the need. Change in personality and behavioural difficulties are frequent outcomes and research has shown the problems caused are greater than physical disabilities arising from brain injury.

“Neurobehavioural rehabilitation has been shown to be an effective means of reversing these difficulties, helping people to become more independent and reducing costs in the long-term.”

Elysium Healthcare was launched in November 2016 and now has over 76 sites.

The group provides learning disability services, neurological services and specialist mental health care through secure services, child and adolescent mental health services, rehabilitation services, acute and intensive care services, private patient and education services across England and Wales.