Every person has the right to lead an active, fulfilling, independent life; but the complex array of disabilities that affect one’s grip can severely challenge this right.

Active Hands founder Rob Smith certainly discovered this to be the case, after a cliff fall left him partially paralysed in all four limbs.

Frustrated at his inability to grip the various gym apparatus and weights, he set about creating a glove that could fasten his hands to whatever was needed; and so the General Purpose Gripping Aid was born! Fast forward to present day and The Active Hands Company now carefully designs and stocks a wide range of high-quality gripping aids that cater to anyone with reduced hand function and are perfect for use in rehabilitation, sporting and gym activities, home and hobbies, and so much more.

Case Study 1: Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

NeuAbility, Denver (previously SCI Recovery Program) makes full use of the gripping aids that Active Hands has created in its comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

Its clients have a wide range of paralysis related conditions such as spinal injuries, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, amputation, stroke, cerebral palsy, brain injuries and auto-immune diseases.

These disabilities often affect hand function, and physiotherapy and rehabilitation would be impossible without some way of fixing their clients hands to the apparatus.

This is exactly why NeuAbility considers it essential to include multiple pairs of Active Hands gripping aids in its facility; so its clients can slip the aids on quickly and easily, giving them a firm, comfortable and reliable grip that enables them to achieve a full, comprehensive workout. The thoughtful design allows the clients to put on the gripping aids independently, allowing them to be used at home too.

“Active Hands gripping aids allow our clients to access gym equipment fully and maximise the benefits of our fitness program.”

George Whitten, Clinical Director SCI Recovery Program

Whether they are using apparatus such as cable/pulley machines, battle ropes, handbikes, walkers or just basic free weights – all are used in conjunction with Active Hands gripping aids, and the clients absolutely love them!

Without these it would be infinitely more challenging for them to progress in their rehabilitation, restricting the opportunity to fully exercise the muscles in their arms, shoulders and upper torso.

But rehabilitation and the battle for independence don’t just end once you go home, with many people finding that the struggle to do simple day to day tasks can be the biggest frustration of them all. Brenda Besos was one of these people.

Case Study 2: Home and Hobbies

Brenda, a quadriplegic with limited arm function and zero grip, had struggled for many years with basic, everyday tasks that most people take for granted.

Things such as holding a pen, using cooking utensils/cutlery, holding toothbrushes, and applying make-up and other beauty essentials were all a constant struggle for Brenda due to her lack of hand function.

Over the years she had experimented with a variety of splints, cuffs and gloves, all of which she had found very limiting and unable to give her a firm enough grip or the ability to hold the items at the optimal angle required for use. However, once she discovered Active Hands’ Small Item Gripping Aid all that changed.

The unique design, whereby items are secured via clamps to a Velcro pad that is then attached to a gloved aid, means that you can choose to hold them at whatever angle you wish.

Not only that, but the pads are interchangeable; meaning that with extra Palm Pads you can keep your items permanently clamped in, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between them.

Brenda did exactly this and in no time she was able to write, brush her teeth, cook and hold cutlery, as well as apply eyeliner, mascara and lipstick – all with a newfound confidence and independence thanks to the firm, versatile grip that the Small Item Gripping Aid gave her.

On top of all this, Brenda was thrilled to find that she was now able to rediscover some of her favourite hobbies, one of which was painting. Hobbies such as this can be great ways of relaxing and expressing yourself, so finding that you are suddenly once again able to take part in these activities can be a huge confidence booster.

This was certainly the case with Brenda, and by having extra Palm Pads for different brushes it means that she is able to switch between them and create her art without requiring assistance!

“The possibility of the things I can do has definitely expanded. I no longer have to worry about objects slipping out of my grasp in the middle of activities. Pretty much anything can be placed in the palm piece and will trustingly stay on.”
Brenda Besos

Active Hands products are now stocked in hospitals, rehabilitation units and homes across the world; being used by both professionals and individuals alike as the universal solution when it comes to gripping issues.

By solving these issues, they are opening doors that once seemed permanently closed; giving people of differing disabilities back their right to independence which they are able to take with them through rehabilitation and out into the world!