With the average life expectancy in the UK on the rise, more and more care homes are taking shape all over the country.

These facilities cater to people of all abilities and the equipment they choose to include can make all the difference in delivering consistently high-quality care.

One key obstacle in any nursing home is creating a homely, cosy facility is patient lifting hoists.

These are necessary if you are needing to carry out transfers to and from different locations, but they can often feel quite cold and clinical – precisely the opposite of what you would want your care home to feel like.

For care homes that require some hoist coverage, the Integralift hidden hoist is proving very popular.

This is an overhead hoist that is concealed away in a bedhead unit or bespoke cabinet.

With the hoist hidden away, it will help to keep the room feeling comfortable and reduce any distress that may be caused by the sight of specialist equipment.

It simply folds out above the user’s bed and can help to facilitate transfers to and from chairs and other pieces of equipment.

What’s more, you can choose the colour or wood finish of the cabinet so that it is in keeping with the décor of your care home.

Interior design is really helping to shape care homes so that they can not only look great but also provide the best care possible.

So even just choosing the right colour schemes and keeping your curtains, cushions, and fabrics in the same palette can really make all the difference and help residents (and even their families) feel more comfortable in your facility.

Another aspect of this is choosing the right furniture and equipment that will suit your residents and your staff.

Whether it is a subtle care bed, hidden hoist, or even made-to-measure wardrobes, every detail should be thought of to ensure that your care home is standing head and shoulders above the others.

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