Cambridgeshire dad Jason was on holiday in Portugal in 2012 when his life changed forever.

A car hit him during an early morning bike ride, breaking his back, legs and ribs and severing his spine.

Jason, from Littleport, received treatment for three weeks in Lisbon, before being moved to Cambridge.

He then spent a further three months at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. Here specialists gave him the devastating news that he would never walk again.

Jason and his family contacted Irwin Mitchell’s specialist serious injury solicitors about making a claim to help fund his ongoing care needs.

Our experts got to work on securing Jason the compensation he deserved and supported the family through what was an incredibly difficult time. We also helped him access the relevant treatment needed to help his recovery.

Our asset management team also helped Jason manage his finances to make sure everything was in place to cover his care, support and adaptive equipment.

On his recovery, Jason says: “The specialists were quite realistic when talking about the pressures that families can face as a result of serious injuries.

“As my family means everything to me, I was determined to do everything I possibly could to get my life back on track.

“I marked the date I was expected to leave hospital in my diary and used that as a target to push forward with my recovery.”

With this motivation, Jason left the hospital and was back to work the next day, helping his family run the coach company he owns with his brother.

His family made a number of adaptations to their home and business, so he could still do his job after the accident.

This meant Jason could get out of the office and back driving the coaches again. It also means he can do the school run again in the mornings, something he now appreciates doing a lot more than he used to.

Jason has also joined a gym as part of his drive to further regain his independence and push forward with his recovery. With the help of a personal trainer, Jason made this a part of his daily life. He now enjoys going to the gym three times a week to keep fit.

He says: “Working out at the gym keeps my mind and body in shape for all the challenges I set myself. I’m constantly looking for new things to do – recently a friend of mine put my name down for the Paris Half Marathon, thinking I wouldn’t do it, and of course I did!”

“From the very start Jason was committed and motivated to get his life back on track.” says Demetrius Danas, a partner who worked on Jason’s case.

“He didn’t let the accident get him down or stop him from doing what he wanted. He remained active and focused, both mentally and physically. This settlement will help him make further progress.”

Jason received his compensation settlement in March 2018 and was able to order an exoskeleton to help him walk again.

The exoskeleton is a powered frame which allows Jason to walk independently for short periods of time, which means a great deal to Jason and his family.

Bronwen Lancaster, a chartered financial planner who helped to manage Jason’s finances, says: “Securing the ongoing funding for his exoskeleton was extremely important to Jason, and has enabled him to walk again; something he hasn’t been able to do since the accident.

Jason and his family have had to deal with a lot over the years, and have accomplished a great deal.

“The valuable peace of mind that financial security provides has allowed Jason to move on and enjoy his life, and to continue being an inspiration to others facing similar challenges.”

The exoskeleton has helped Jason carry out simple tasks around the house which he would otherwise find difficult.

He can now go on walks with his wife and also means that he’ll be able to walk his two daughters down the aisle one day.

Jason says: “Considering what happened seven years ago, I just feel so lucky to be in the position that I am today. I feel like I’m able to live life to the full and I’m determined to ensure nothing holds me back in the future.”