Litigation and case management includes working with clients who have had life-changing injuries that may have been caused by anything from a car accident, through to medical malpractice and negligence.

Innova specialises in designing and installing specialist equipment like ceiling track hoist systems and hydrotherapy pools as part of home adaptations.

Case management specialist Jason Fulcher joined Innova at the beginning of February and will work

exclusively on projects throughout the Midlands and the South of England.

Jason said: “I’m delighted to be joining the Innova team at such an exciting time. To expand into a new market is one thing, but to be expanding within it in the space of a year is truly extraordinary.

Key hire: Jason Fulcher

“I think case management work will be particularly fulfilling for me because you know that your work is really making a difference to someone’s quality of life. I look forward to helping Innova expand across the Midlands and the South.”

The company began its venture in the case management market just over a year ago and now anticipates that it will gain an extra £1.5 million in sales from these projects alone.

Innova is also hoping to host a free case management training day this year to introduce and discuss how litigation projects can be handled more efficiently to benefit the client.

Innova’s managing director, Tom Hulbert, said: “It’s fantastic to have Jason on board with us. He’s already contacting occupational therapists and case managers to see how we could help them with their clients.

“When we first expanded into case management projects, I would have never thought it would take off so quickly.

“Last year, we did over £750,000 of extra business just from litigation work, so we believe that this year we could easily double that and get one step closer to reaching our company vision of being the most sought-after brand in the healthcare sector.”

Innova Care Concepts is a healthcare equipment supplier that focuses on combining aesthetics and functionality to create new, easy-to-use products. Case management and litigations projects include creating accessible environments for severely injured individuals.

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