There can be no true independence in the home without mobility; and that includes mobility between floors and levels. Chairlifts / stairlifts are a common solution for people with mobility problems at home.

But what about the many people in wheelchairs who cannot transfer on or off a conventional chairlift? Enter Southampton-based Level Access Lifts, an expert in solving such problems.

Nick Dade, sales director at the firm, which supplies lifts throughout the UK, explains: “Everything we supply is designed to aid those people who are unable to transfer from a wheelchair and are designed to move you in your wheelchair between floors or split levels.

“For example, if you have suffered a stroke and, once a week you need to go to rehab, when the hospital transport comes, they are going to be able to get you in and out of the house without the need to transfer.

“The risk of injury is reduced and it is much more dignified. Many of our lifts are designed to accommodate an attendant or carer as well, so, they are designed with ergonomics in mind.’’

The company’s philosophy is to tailor a solution to a client’s individual needs.

“We are a solutions-driven company,’’ says Dade.

“We want to know about the person behind the issue. In my case, 10 years ago my father had a brain haemorrhage and he went from being a fit man to being severely disabled. I have been in the lift business for 30 years, but the last 10 years have taught me an awful lot about the person behind the lift and what’s needed and what’s important.

“We fully understand that every person and every building is different and therefore we have an extensive product portfolio and the knowledge to cover a multitude of different circumstances.

“Our approach is: ‘what is the situation you are trying to overcome?’ We can either assess it from photographs or visit the property. We then offer the best solution, or maybe two or three solutions that have their pros and cons.

“Given that we are independent and don’t manufacture our own lifts, we’re not biased towards any particular one.’’

He adds: “There are so many different scenarios and we aim to fit lifts where they’ll cover a multitude of situations, for example, if someone gets heavier or bigger, or if a second person in the family needed to use it for a different reason.

“The whole idea is to try to make that one purchase the right purchase from the beginning and to allow the customer to make an informed decision.’’

Level Access Lifts sources its products from around the world, looking for innovative design and quality of build. One, from Denmark called the Flexstep, is a lift and a staircase in one product and can morph between the two functions at the press of a button.

All of its lifts are simple and intuitive to operate – usually as simple as an up and down button. After installation, the company takes care of the regular maintenance.

Dade says: “It’s a seamless customer experience. From the moment somebody rings us, through to going out to survey, through to fitting the lift and thereafter maintaining it, they get a smooth, trouble-free experience.

“We have grown our business since 2002 predominantly on referrals. We’re very well known for giving good advice and providing a good quality product.’’

For more information visit or call Level Access Lifts on 0856 4662 999.

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