Neurological rehabilitation can be a challenging and complex journey for patients.
 To effectively rehabilitate those who may
 have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, it’s crucial that a patient not only has access to expert-led care and the latest in evidence-based practice, but that personalised plans are created which ensure patients can advance and rebuild their life after rehabilitation.

At the Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit at The Wellington Hospital, London (part of the HCA Healthcare Group), we can care for patients from within the UK and overseas and deliver a rehabilitation programme to meet their needs no matter how serious or complex their condition.

Here they undergo a comprehensive assessment, receive a personalised treatment programme and set goals.

Goal orientated, expert led programmes

The unit is the largest private neuro-rehabilitation unit in the UK and our intensive rehabilitation programmes are led by consultants who are experts in their field. We can care for patients who are in a critical state with the support of an intensive care unit and full diagnostic capabilities.

Our consultants are supported by skilled and experienced therapy and nursing teams that include physiotherapy, neuropsychology, music therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.

The patient, their family and the team work together to identify goals that are motivating and meaningful and will act as stepping stones towards a successful discharge and life beyond hospital.

Specialist assistive technologies

At the unit, patients can access a range of pioneering assistive technologies to support their rehabilitation programmes.

This includes a Lokomat, an Indego Exoskeleton, a Functional Electrical stimulation (FES) Bike, an Armeo Spring and Bioness Hand Rehabilitation system for upper limb programmes.

Outstanding clinical outcomes

The unit retains an international reputation for clinical excellence. We use standardised outcome measures to track progress and to ensure that we are always delivering the very best of care.

We are exceptionally proud that we have achieved CARF accreditation consistently over the last seven years, benchmarking ourselves against other rehabilitation units.

This demonstration of clinical excellence makes it a first choice for patients no matter how severe or complex their condition.

Case study:
 Rebuild a life through rehabilitation

After falling ill whilst on holiday, Sophie needed urgent medical attention. She was able to walk to the ambulance when it arrived – but that was the last time she would ever walk.

A series of blood tests and scans revealed that she had suffered a cervical spinal cord stroke. Sophie was then own to the Wellington Hospital, before being transferred to its acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit.

She had experienced an incomplete injury, where the spinal cord is only partially damaged, running from C6/7 to T8 of her spinal cord.

At this level of injury, Sophie was expected to have minimal use of her arms and legs.
 Sophie underwent an intensive six month rehabilitation programme which included
 the use of the FES bike, Lokomat and hydrotherapy pool.

Sophie is still at the beginning of a long journey but does now have the use of her arms and hands giving her the independence to now live at home.
 Sophie now returns to the rehabilitation unit twice a week and she feels positive that, with
 a strong mind and a positive outlook, she can achieve far more than might be expected.

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The Wellington Hospital, 27 Circus Road, St John’s Wood, London, NW8 6PD