“Every powerchair we supply is bespoke as every client is unique and I have always held the belief that the chair should fit the person as opposed to the person fitting the chair,” says founder Matthew James.

To be able to meet and accommodate the needs of some of the most complex disabilities, Precision Rehab works with some of the UK’s leading seating manufacturers such as Contour886 along with OT’s and other healthcare professionals during the assessment and design process of each powerchair to ensure the end product meets all the requirements of the client.

“Over the years we have worked with many people that have required a bespoke seating solution for their powerchair which we have been able to address thanks to our relationships with these manufacturers and healthcare professionals.

“We also believe in personalising each chair to reflect the personality of the client and this can include painted body covers to match everything from a nail varnish colour through to the correct shade of red for an ex fireman.

Matthew James (right) with Oyvind Braseth, Director, NHD and designer of the original Balder powerchairs.

“Every powerchair we supply is truly bespoke and we are looking forward to showcasing our range on stand F21 at The OT Show on November 27th & 28th,” continued Matthew.

In addition to being the official supplier of the Paravan range of specialist powered wheelchairs for the UK and Ireland, Precision Rehab recently launched the ground- breaking ULTRA LS300 powerchair which has been designed by NHD who were the original creators of the Balder powerchairs.

The minimum floor to seat height of just 300mm to 600mm is the lowest ever available on a powerchair, using the Dahl docking system the user can also drive their vehicle from the LS300.

Complimenting the LS300 and Paravan range available from Precision Rehab are the Quickie Q range of powerchairs from Sunrise.

Precision Rehab is always looking to embrace the latest technology and recently added the range of MO-VIS controls which includes the all new scoot attendant control to their list of suppliers.

Fitted to the back of the powerchair, it has been designed to enable the user’s carer or family member to control various features of the powerchair including speed, manoeuvrability and lights.

To ensure the attendant control is comfortable to use, MO-VIS has incorporated ergonomically designed handles and thumb controls and an LED display showing the battery life and current speed.

Precision Rehab is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bespoke powerchairs and will be exhibiting several models from its extensive portfolio on stand F21 at The OT Show which takes place on November 27th & 28th at the NEC Birmingham.

To discuss the full range of powerchairs available from Precision Rehab or book an assessment please call 01256 300111, email: info@precisionrehab.co.uk or visit www.precisionrehab.co.uk