Neuro-rehab professionals spend much of their time striving to meet the needs of patients and clients.

But research suggests they – and their peers in other quarters of healthcare – are not so great at looking after their own health and wellbeing.

A survey of doctors in the US found that the average junior doctor works seven shifts a month without drinking enough water and four shifts a month without eating a meal.

Other studies have suggested that healthcare workers are at an increased risk of obesity – 35 per cent of those working in medical offices, clinics and hospitals in the States are obese.

It’s an issue in the UK too, where one in four nurses and a third of care workers have a BMI rating that would class them as obese. And, a 2019 report found that three quarters of the best-selling snacks in hospital cafes and canteens were rated as unhealthy.

Long hours, night shifts and an increasing number of neuro-rehab patients and clients to care for, mean those working in the field can struggle to find the time and energy to cook nutritious meals, or even to make a trip to the supermarket.

It’s easy to see why many resort to getting most of their calorie intake from the vending machine or the takeaway menu after a long day.

“If you’re running on empty, cooking a meal from scratch can often feel like the last thing you want to do after a long day,” says Andre Dupin, executive chef at HelloFresh; a leading recipe box subscription service that is seeing rising numbers of busy professionals using its service.

“The truth is, recipe boxes can be a godsend for the days when you’re too tired to think about what to cook,” he adds.

Each week HelloFresh subscribers receive boxes filled with pre-portioned, fresh ingredients and easy-to-use recipe cards, delivered straight to their door. The result is delicious, healthy meals every day, or night, of the week – prepared around busy schedules, with minimal effort required.

Particularly appealing for anyone with limited time to spend in the kitchen, says Andre, is HelloFresh’s Rapid Box option.

This takes the ingredients for nutrient-rich recipes such as ‘Turkey Steak, Lentils and Potato’, ‘Veggie Arroz Rapido’ and ‘Super Speedy Prawn Pilaf’ from the box to the table in just 20 minutes.

“For the majority of us, eating on the go is often the solution when we’re busy with work. We believe that being short on time shouldn’t stand in the way of cooking delicious meals,” he says.

“Our Rapid Box has everything you need to cook super quick, delicious meals that are ready on plates in 20 minutes flat, meaning that cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.”

With new recipes to choose from each week, there are meals to suit all culinary needs, including those of vegetarians, carnivores, singletons, couples, families of all sizes and people on low calorie diets.

Professionals with a family to look after simply select the number of meals required to ensure everyone is getting all the nutrients they need.

Andre says: “Eating an array of fresh vegetables, proteins and fruits each day is key for maintaining a healthy body and mind. They contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats vital for helping to promote good health and reduce your risk of chronic illness.”

HelloFresh sources high quality, fresh ingredients, so customers don’t need to factor in a trip to the supermarket during the working week.

“Cooking with fresh ingredients is not only better for your health, it also enhances the flavour of your dishes. Fresh vegetables and herbs with their high water and nutrient-rich content are an essential ingredient for our health. Opting for fresh ingredients ensures our meals are delicious and packed with flavour.”

Cooking at home, instead of relying on convenience food, not only benefits physical health but can also be a really enjoyable way to unwind after work, having a positive impact on an individual’s overall well-being.

“When we prepare and cook our own food, it allows us to be in control of what goes into our body, because we know what ingredients we are using. The process of cooking is also an enjoyable way to show love for those around us by creating something delicious you can all enjoy together.”

HelloFresh delivers only the exact portions needed for each recipe, to ensure zero waste.

Ingredients, meanwhile, are packed in a manner that keeps them fresh even if the recipient is out when their box is delivered.

Flexible subscriptions mean clients can skip a week, change or cancel their boxes or recipes at any time.

Andre adds: “When you take the headache out of planning your weekly menu you can spend more time enjoying the best bits: preparing and eating delicious home-cooked food.”

It all makes for an experience which is likely to be far more satisfying than anything found in the hospital vending machine – or rustled up from scratch – after an exhausting shift.

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