New York-based Spine Care Technologies, launched in March 2018, believes it has the answer in the Extentrac Elite; which enables non-surgical, drug free, disc and spine care treatment.

The device is a multidirectional decompression device used to aid the treatment of spinal injuries, mostly from the thoracic (mid) to the lumbar (lower) spine.

It is used in in the treatment of minor degenerative disc disease, through to drop-foot and serious neurological impingement.

The device must be operated by licensed clinicians involved in manual therapy. It enables them to optimally position the patient for treatments.

Dr Heather Rosenberg, who believes her Californian clinic has been revolutionised by the device, says: “It’s an extension of my hands and brain”.

Demonstrating the device to NR Times at the Medica conference in Dusseldorf, she explains: “I can have a patient supine or prone, on their stomach or their back, I can laterally flex it, I can put it into further flexion or extension, depending on what position they are in.

“I can have my hands on the patient at all times. I can also run it manually, or set up an automated programme.

“Nothing else allows you to get this versatility in terms of being able to apply manual traction and treatment to a disk and a segment.

“We can pull bulging discs back in, we can create negative pressure through the machine, pulling and harnessing, and we can apply a direct, specific approach right at the injury.

“If we can create a vacuum, a negative inter-disc pressure we can pull things back into place. We force fluids in with the distraction and change the outcome of nerve impingement. The versatility is incredible.”

Company spokesperson Maria Cuccia says: “It enhances manual therapy treatments. As far as research papers go, doctors are already using different protocols where there is evidence base for those methods.

“This device enables the clinician to apply whatever method they feel is necessary depending on the condition.”

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