Remote controlled internal sensory lighting helps to generate a “360-degree immersive environment”; a catalyst for imaginative play, learning, relaxation and sensory stimulation.

Each PODS product can be inflated and deflated within 40 seconds, is lightweight and comes with a storage backpack, enabling it to be taken anywhere.

It is therefore the perfect travel companion for on-the- road carers for domiciliary care – but PODS are also used around the world in specialist schools, hospitals, creches, respite centres and hotels, as well as in the home.

Designed in Britain, they come with a range of interchangeable themes. One minute, children in your care could be on a sub-aqua quest and the next, embarking on a galactic space adventure or having tea in a magical princess’ palace.

Each removable theme has a corresponding audiobook and ebook about the adventures of Professor PODS and his sidekick. The complementary sound effects aid the experience and complete the exciting scene set by PODS.

These removable graphics can be wiped clean to maintain cleanliness and product aesthetics.

Its creator PODS Products describes PODS as: “Safe spaces where children can go to unwind, calm their mind and generally relax, especially in times of a meltdown. With in-built colour changing sensory lighting, PODS users are able to follow the changes of light through the vivid illustrations and artistic concept within the space.

“Light tracking is key in the sensory development of early years children and those affected with autism across the spectrum.

“For education, PODS is an imaginative place where vocabulary can be exercised through role-play.

“Through creative state of play and exploration, other key life skills can be practiced such as negotiation and leadership.

“Use of PODS can prolong children’s concentration periods and also has many therapeutic applications, simply as an engaging experience or to complement a child’s favourite toy, creating a unique and personal environment with cognitive benefits.

PODS are also reportedly great spaces in which to do homework and as a calming reading environment.

Founder and head designer of PODS, Alex Ford, says: “PODS offer an exciting alternative to digital devices and a safe and relaxing surrounding that can increase periods of play and learning for children.”

Ford is an innovator of inflatable spaces who also has experience of working with autistic children. He recognised the versatility of inflatable technology and created an innovation that could provide a creative learning and relaxation environment for all children to enjoy.

He says: “Many parents tell us that they too would like one for themselves. PODS is an experiential product that will keep children safe and calm for hours, leaving parents time for themselves whilst their little adventurers relax in the visual surroundings.”

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