Iñigo Fernández de Piérola followed in his mother’s footsteps and studied psychology.

Shortly after finishing his studies he joined his mother and a few other psychologists in opening a psychology clinic in a medium sized city in the north of Spain in the heart of wine country.

During his time as a practicing psychologist he was working with individuals with deficits in cognitive functioning related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases, neurodevelopmental disorders and others.

He realised that he and his colleagues were spending an awful lot of time and energy creating and looking for materials to use with these individuals to help with the rehabilitation process.

At that time, the material that could be found on the web was minimal and most of it was cartoony and geared towards children.

Looking online for a platform or collection of materials brought less than desirable results so he decided to set out and create his own platform.

In 2011, NeuronUP was created and launched as a rudimentary collection of materials geared towards professionals working with individualsin need of neurorehabilitation and cognitive stimulation therapies.

Now eight years later, NeuronUP is a fully formed multifaceted tool for the professional rehabilitator.

It is an online platform with no need for downloading software.

If you have a laptop, desktop, tablet, digital whiteboard – and an internet connection – you’re all set.

The activities are classified into over 40 different cognitive processes and areas of occupation allowing the professional to easily find appropriate material to work with the individual in front of them.

For NeuronUP novices there are over 10,000 different activities to choose from and long-time clients can benefit from the new materials released every two weeks.

Rehabilitation needs are unique for each and every person, with that in mind NeuronUP has materials of different difficulty levels ranging from basic to advance.

Many of the activities are customisable as well providing relevant and significant materials for the intervention.

Many of NeuronUP activities are based on activities of daily living, which many of our rehabilitation clients are striving to reclaim.

NeuronUP loves getting suggestions from their professional clients for materials for the platform allowing NeuronUP and its clients to build the platform together.

During its first five years NeuronUP worked diligently with professionals in psychology, occupational therapy and speech language therapy to create content that would be relevant and impactful for those doing the therapies.

In 2016, NeuronUP got its first facelift. After trial and error, after many conversations with clients regarding the features they wanted to see, after seeing what types of activities were most utilised a big update was pushed out to create a more complex and complete tool for professionals.

In this update the patient management feature was improved and by popular request the ability for the professional to group together activities to create sessions was implemented into the platform.

These sessions can then be worked in clinic or sent to the clients’ homes.

The system saves the results of the activity and the professional can keep track of how their client is performing to determine quickly and easily the next course of action.

In June of 2019 NeuronUP released the newest update making the platform more intuitive to use.

The update gave way to a more visual design allowing even the least technically savvy professional to better manage sessions and quickly analyse therapy results.

NeuronUP is currently being used in over 25 countries by over 2,000 rehabilitation professionals.

Being a platform strictly for professional, with a subscription the professional can use the platform with an unlimited number of clients.

Apart from the platform, another thing NeuronUP offers for professionals is NeuronUP Academy.

With the idea that professionals expand their knowledge, professionals working in the sector of cognitive health are invited to give presentations in an online setting for other professionals and students in the sector.

It is completely free to attend, with the opportunity to tune in and listen and interact with the presenter in the form of Q&A at the end of the lecture.

Visit the NeuronUP blog to learn more, sign up for upcoming presentation or view the videos of the past presentations.  If you’re interested in participating as a presenter, please get in touch with NeuronUP.

Professionals interested in learning more about NeuronUP or trying a 15 day free trial are welcome to visit www.neuronup.com or email brian@neuronup.com.

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