Neurokinex is pioneering new technology and a new model to address health inequalities experienced by people living with paralysis.

The social enterprise was founded in 2013 by Harvey Sihota, owner of a spinal cord injury, with a mission to redefine the landscape for newly injured people when they first leave hospital.

Sihota says: “A change is needed in the way we think about long-term recovery and wellbeing after spinal cord injury. It starts with the acceptance that the nervous system is always open for input and ready to adapt – this is now proven in the scientific research.

“Next, there needs to be a new way of facilitating long term recovery and wellness. Currently, once a person is discharged from a hospital after a life-changing spinal injury, the options for affordable rehabilitation and wellness programmes in the community are lacking and what that means is that people are a) missing out on maximising their functional potential and b) at greater risk of re-hospitalisation due to complications related to physical inactivity.”

Since 2016, Neurokinex has been offering newly injured people six weeks of free training at one of their three UK centres, Hemel Hempstead, Gatwick and Bristol.

To date it has delivered over 1000 hours of free therapy. Last year the company established a charitable foundation to support the delivery of their services and keep the cost of attending as low as possible – with more plans in the offing.

Sihota says: “Effective rehabilitation should be available to everyone living with paralysis. Cost should not be a barrier. We are committed to realising this vision one person at a time.”

Neurokinex is running a fund-raising event in Bristol on Sunday 2nd June, aiming to raise enough money to provide life changing rehabilitation to three newly injured people for one year each.

The event takes the form of a corporate touch rugby tournament designed for businesses to enter teams of colleagues along with a programme of free inclusive sports taking place on the same day.

Neurokinex Bristol manager Edward Baker, coordinating the event explains: “This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to make a real difference to the lives of seriously injured people through enjoying an exciting day of touch rugby. I encourage any organisations who want to do something amazing this year to get in touch and sign up a team.

“At the same time we are affirming our commitment to wellbeing through exercise by combining with local partners to provide four amazing inclusive sports for members of the paralysis community to experience. This part of the day is free, family friendly and all about participation and having a go at something new.”

James Davies (pictured), head of the serious injury team at the South West branch of national solicitors firm Irwin Mitchell says: “We witness time and time again the importance that receiving early rehab support has on the recovery of our clients and its positive effect in enabling them to perform activities they enjoyed before their injury.

“Our team will be there on the day volunteering alongside Neurokinex and running one of the inclusive sport pitches together with the Henbury Boccia Club.”

Business or individuals interested in signing up for more information should email