Dr. Huma Haider, founder and CEO of the National Brain Injury Institute, has launched a national campaign to have a Concussion Protocol Act passed for the everyday American.

She said: “Traumatic brain injury [TBI] affects the lives of over 3 million patients and their families annually in the United States.

“We are excited because for the last two years we have been pioneering the use of FDA Cleared imaging in the diagnosis of Mild TBI.”

This is significant because most of the TBI patients in America have mild, rather than moderate or severe, TBI.

The damage associated with the symptoms of mild TBI is microscopic and rarely, if ever, is evidenced by traditional MRI or CT scans.

Dr. Haider said: “With Mild TBI, the symptoms can be both severe and debilitating. It’s only mild when compared to severe TBI or if you’re not the one suffering from it.”

She explained that traditional diagnosis of TBI almost invariably involves MRI or CT scans, which are effective for discovering tumours in the brain or small tears in a shoulder tendon.

However, they do not afford the microscopic view required to properly match up TBI diagnosis with symptoms in the white matter tracts of the brain, she added.

Senior vice president of the National Brain Injury Institute, Timothy D. Dillard, added: “There has been a high level of frustration for many years in the medical community because we knew the symptoms the patients were suffering from but we had no pathological proof in order to justify the care the patients needed.

“Thanks to the new, more detailed scans, we now have the proof. We are finally matching pathology with symptoms and treatment. This is the breakthrough stuff of hopes and dreams for millions of suffering people in the United States.”

A petition has been started at WhiteHouse.Gov. Once the petition has 100,000 signatures it merits a response from the White House staff. In the meantime, you can visit the National Brain Injury Institute website at Nationalbii.com/movement and get involved with your state to ask for a Concussion Protocol Act.

The National Brain Injury Institute has principal offices in Houston, Texas with other clinical locations in Texas and California.

DTI Scanning locations are now available in more than 140 imaging centers around the country.

View and sign the White House Petition here.