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03 April, 2020


Independence Day

Serious injury solicitor Sarah Griggs shares the journey a mum whose world was turned upside down following her son’s brain injury.

Grant for CVD prediction project

A project to develop a new tool for predicting the risk of a cardiovascular event or death in patients who have already suffered a heart attack has received a grant of almost £150,000 from national charity Heart Research UK.

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How to be a good medico-legal expert

As medico-legal experts, neuro-rehab professionals can offer valuable insights to cases which shape the lives of serious injury survivors and people with neurological conditions. Here NRC Medical Experts chairman Dr Edmund Bonikowski provides his top tips on what can be a highly rewarding career.

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How to be a better medical expert

Ten tips from Paul Sankey, partner at Enable Law and a trainer at Inspire MediLaw, which runs courses on medicolegal topics.



Two-piece transformations…

Swedish innovation the Mollii Suit is helping neuro- rehab patients with a range of conditions to regain lost functions and boost their quality of life, as Richard Welch explains here.

“I am able to enjoy every day”

After a car accident on holiday, Jason was told he’d never walk again, but he had other ideas – which have now become a reality – as Irwin Mitchell partner Demetrius Danas explains.



Summersaulting out of the comfort zone

Staff at St Neots, a neuro-rehab centre on the border of Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire, were looking for ways to expand their patient
rehab opportunities when they had a gold standard idea…

Winging it in the rehab world

For over 20 years the Flying Faculty has been sending experts across the globe on an international mission to improve neurorehabilitation training and delivery. NR Times reports.

Unequal opportunities

A third of people with a brain condition face workplace discrimination. Sarah Sinclair reports on the challenge of getting into employment – and staying there.





Working your way back after injury

Returning to work after a brain injury can be a long and daunting road. Here brain injury survivor Dean Harding discusses his own experiences with Irwin Mitchell employment lawyer Emilie Cole and occupational therapist Mandy Richmond.

Out of the shadows

A charity which encourages brain injury survivors to put others first is helping them to re-find their place as valued members of society. Deborah Johnson reports.

On the road to reinvention

London actor and creative Byron Konizi has emerged from years battling the effects of brain injury with a plan to help others like him, as Andrew Mernin reports.

State of the rehab nation

The driving force of rehabilitation research in America has big plans to speed treatment development and improve skills, its outgoing president Dr Deborah Backus tells Andrew Mernin.

Failed and forgotten in a US care home

One of America’s leading experts on disorders of consciousness sees major flaws in the way patients are being managed – in a system marred by pessimism and premature death. NR Times reports.


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