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18 September, 2019




How to find the perfect powerchair

When looking for a powerchair there are many options available which at times can be confusing. To eliminate some of this, we spoke to Matt James, director of Precision Rehab, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of powerchairs with over 25 years industry experience.

Making the open road accessible to all

Car parks aren’t the only places where a lack of space is stopping people with disabilities from getting behind the wheel, writes Ray Lartey, MD of TriLift UK.



A national brain injury crisis

Politicians gathered in May for a Westminster debate on brain injury. Here Deborah Johnson provides the highlights.

A wonderful stroke of luck

Occupational therapist Janet R. Douglas’s life was turned upside down by a massive stroke. The decade-long struggle that followed is the subject of her new book…

Notes from Nanjing

NR Times’ writer Andrew Mernin attended the largest neuro-rehab event in the Asia Oceania region recently and made a few notes along the way



Standing up for independence

With greater independence for users and an array of proven health benefits, it is little wonder the standing wheelchair is gaining in popularity at rapid pace.

A whole new ball game for stroke rehab

A device that was recently named ‘garden shed’ invention of the year is offering a new alternative to stroke survivors, as NR Times reports.

A Russian revolution in neuro tech

Russian neurotechnology developers visited the UK recently to forge new ties with neuro-rehab professionals. Andrew Mernin reports on their innovations and intentions.



Sky high ambition

A young entrepreneur from Bristol is aiming to revolutionise air travel for disabled people, including those affected by brain and spinal injuries and conditions.

Why the Arni way is up

Dr Tom Balchin’s mission to help UK stroke survivors was forged in tragedy. In late 1996, his twin...


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Enter stage left: A rising force in therapy

Dramatherapy - using acting and other expressive arts to communicate feelings - is quickly gaining popularity, including with neuro-rehab patients, as Deborah Johnson reports.

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