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11 July, 2020



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Capacity for decisions in life and love: part 1

Under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act we all have a right to enjoy a private and family life. The need for relationships and intimacy is an essential part of most of our lives but for individuals living with an acquired brain injury, this can be far more complex, as Georgina Moorhead of Irwin Mitchell explains.

MS update

A round up of the latest developments in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research.



Behind the scenes of brain injury referrals

Despite COVID-19, work is still progressing to allow providers to accept new residents at the first opportunity. Gill Ayris from Richardson Care, which runs three brain injury care homes, discusses the process.



Neurobehavioural rehab in aggression management after TBI

Changes in personality following TBIs are often more problematic than neurocognitive, functional deficits or even physical disabilities. Dr Grzegorz Grzegorzak, consultant neuropsychiatrist at St Peter’s Hospital, South Wales, explains why taking a neurobehavioural approach to treating TBI can be highly effective.

Action among the daffodils

William Wordsworth urged to the world to “come forth into light, let nature be your teacher”. He...

A year in the life of a new rehab hospital

A new male neuropsychiatric facility was launched in the UK last year, amid a national shortage of such services. Twelve months on, we visited Cygnet St William’s in Darlington to chart the ups and downs of getting the service going. As Andrew Mernin reports, it’s a tale of hard-won relationships, fire-fighting and people power.

Help us to be better and stronger

Charities are facing the double-edged sword of demand for their services being at an all-time high, while seeing a vast drop in donations as a result of COVID-19. NR Times spoke to the Children’s Trust to find out more.



Top tech and devices for at-home stroke rehab

While COVID-19 lockdown continues to play havoc with people’s plans and appointments, with many going into isolation during this time, rehabilitation in its traditional setting is not always possible…

A 20-year adventure in rehab robotics

Tech pioneer Hocoma has long been pushing the boundaries of innovation in rehab. Now marking its 20th anniversary, it plans to step up its ability to drive better patient outcomes, as Deborah Johnson reports.

Every step of the way

STEPS rehabilitation recently had an opportunity to put Rewalk’s Restore system through its paces, as senior physiotherapist Jamie Story explains.

Leading the remote resistance

Andrew Mernin reports on an emerging technology aiming to revolutionise how rehab professionals work together on patient goals.



The man who couldn’t see numbers

The unusual case of a man who can’t see numbers has led researchers to argue that the brain can process things without a person being aware of what they’re looking at.

We’ll be soaring again soon

It’ll take more than a global pandemic to stop Accessible Dreams drawing up plans for more empowering trips in the not-too-distant future, as NR Times reports.

Working your way back after injury

Returning to work after a brain injury can be a long and daunting road. Here brain injury survivor Dean Harding discusses his own experiences with Irwin Mitchell employment lawyer Emilie Cole and occupational therapist Mandy Richmond.

Out of the shadows

A charity which encourages brain injury survivors to put others first is helping them to re-find their place as valued members of society. Deborah Johnson reports.


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