Kinderkey Healthcare’s Bearhugzzz bed was initially created to help a young man who had never been able to sleep without a protective helmet.

His mother approached the safe sleeping solutions company and – 17 years later – the product is used by children and adults with a wide range of conditions and challenges.

The original brief was to create something strong enough to cope with the man’s vigorous movements associated with his condition. Yet it also had to be soft enough to keep him safe from injury.

With the additional challenge of making the bed portable for regular trips to respite, Kinderkey set about creating something functional but also attractive.

Founder Jill Handley says: “We initially designed a bed comprising of twelve Toblerone-shaped pieces of foam standing on their ends covered in waterproof, anti- microbial fabric which could be unzipped for ease of transport.

“The mother was delighted and said it changed her and her son’s life. He could sleep safely and in comfort and the mother was also able to have a good night sleep knowing her son was safe.”

Jill quickly realised, in conversations with healthcare professionals, that Bearhugzzz could be a safe sleep solution for children, as well as adults, with many different conditions.

“For example, sensory overload is a common issue for children with autism,” says Jill.

“The high walls of the Bearhugzzz help to block out distracting sights and sounds, enabling the child to relax making it easier to fall asleep.”

As the Bearhugzzz design has evolved from the original model, its appeal has broadened.

“One of the first adaptions we made was to make the bed more space economical. Not everyone has a bedroom that will accommodate a large bed. We changed the structure of the walls making them no thicker than 100mm.

“This was a challenge as we needed to keep the integral attributes of the bed. We accomplished this by using steel and foam together creating a strong, robust wall that is soft to touch.”

The bed, which is portable and can easily be taken apart using Velcro and zips, is often used in schools too.

It provides an area of quiet and calm, with optional viewing panels made of clear vinyl, ensuring children can be safely looked after by teachers and other professionals.

“Also, biting and chewing can be an issue and so we use anti-chew fabrics in vulnerable parts of the bed when needed. Our latest development with the Bearhugzzz is a height adjustable frame.

“Ultimately, the safety of the Bearhugzzz bed gives parents and carers peace of mind so that everyone has a good night’s sleep.”

Also in Kinderkey’s range is the Cosysafe Cot, which comes in bespoke sizes, is height adjustable and has four-part profiling and Trendelenburg Tilt.

It is available in wood and Perspex and a range of colours. Padding is offered in a wide range of designs.

Jill says: “We have just invested in a lovely new children’s pattern which features rows of animals, including elephants, giraffes, zebra, monkeys, in contemporary colours in a pattern which is unique to us.”

All products are supported by expert demonstrators who offer free assessments to ensure the end user benefits from the many available options.

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